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Designer by Designer

Designer by Designer

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Designer by Designer Skin 13.5oz Bottle
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    Product Description:

    Designer Skin Designer by Designer Bronzer delivers long lasting results in the minimal amount of time!

    Advanced Bronzer infused with Oxygen, Caffeine and VitaPlus™
    Provides a matte finish to help reduce the appearanc of skin imperfection
    24/7 LongLast™ Complex provides superior delivery of advanced moisturizers, bronzers and skincare ingredients
    Fragrance: Citrus Amber Fusion
    Why do we go for designer clothes when we shop? It's not just a status simple. Designer clothes are often better made and longer lasting. Just like your favorite couture handbag, Designer Skin DESIGNER by Designer Bronzer is a true work of gorgeous design. This top-of-the-line bronzer is one of the newest additions to the Designer Skin collection and features some of the brand's most cutting edge ingredients ever. Each application treats the skin to the Iconic Advanced Bronzer. This complex treats the skin to a blend of tan enhancing vitamins as well as caffeine to firm the skin and oxygen to encourage rapid, gorgeous coloration.

    Designer Skin DESIGNER by Designer Bronzer will have you looking picture perfect after every tanning session. It has a gorgeous matte finish that reduces the prominence of skin imperfections from head to toe. The 24/7 Long Last complex helps to extend the results of each session for as long as possible by keeping pigments healthy and the skin tissue fully hydrated.
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