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CYPHER Platinum Brz St2

CYPHER Platinum Brz St2

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$84.00Sale Price
California Tan 

Cypher Platinum Bronzer Step 2
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    Product Description:
    Step 2 Quadringta [40] Bronzers deliver a long lasting, beautiful shade of bronze for a cutting-edge, dark tan.

    CuO2® and TRF™ combine rich ingredients to optimize dark color results
    Help protect elastin and support collagen production with the advanced age defying code in Cell Speak Complex®
    Achieve gorgeous, refined skin by addressing the 7 signs of aging with Platinum [78] Complex™
    Ready for some luxury? Now that you have your base tan built, it's time to pamper your skin and take your color to the next level of dark with California Tan CYPHER PLATINUM 2 Bronzer. This unique bronzer combines a state-of-the-art tanning complex with a blend of anti-aging ingredients to create one handy little beauty secret. Discover how dark your skin can be with a blend of 40 bronzers that accelerate pigmentation and help your tan last for days. Proprietary CuO2 and TRF are added to the formula to optimize your color for the most natural results possible.

    The California Tan CYPHER PLATINUM 2 Bronzer helps to fight the formation of wrinkles with a blend of key ingredients. Called the Platinum complex, these ingredients help to prevent cellular damage while improving the texture and tone of the skin. The Cell Speak Complex in the bronzer works with your skin cells, encouraging the production of collagen to help you maintain skin strength and elasticity.
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