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Couture Sport

Couture Sport

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Couture Sport by Devoted Creations
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    Product Description:

    This amber-bronze serum formula Utilizes Tea Tree Oil, Acai Oil and Pomegranate Oil to protect skin from environmental damage. For men!

    Extreme Tan Enhancers - Provides the darkest tan imaginable
    Ordanone - Eliminates after tan odor
    Matrixyl - Targeted anti-aging complex reduces the appearance of wrinkles
    Fragrance: Sporty Patchouli Jasmine (manly)
    When you play a game, you play to win. You take no prisoners. You always go hard, fast and push the competition to the extreme. So why would you take it easy and be content with slow-to-become-visible results when you tan? With Devoted Creations COUTURE SPORT Extreme Tanning Serum, you can tan just the way you compete! Made exclusively for men who are serious about tanning, this formula offers a blend of Extreme Tan Enhancers that push skin to its tanning limits to help you get a deep black tan in no time.

    Devoted Creations COUTURE SPORT Extreme Tanning Serum has a lightweight texture to make it easy to apply. With Odarone, the bronzing serum helps to guard against body odors that might develop when you're tanning. Tea tree oil fights microbes to further freshen the skin and keep it in good health, while acai and pomegranate oils provide antioxidant protection for the tissue. The formula is completed by Matrixyl, a peptide complex that firms the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
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