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    Designer Skin’s notorious 10X bronzing power wrapped in an illuminating base with an airbrush finish.

    QuickSun™ Technology provides bronze color after just one minute, while DS ProBronze Extend™ allows color to still develop after tanning and last days longer
    Photo Ready Airbrush Technology provides a matte finish to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections
    Illuminating Opal Extracts help to enhance skin radiance for a luminous glow
    Contains nuts, silicone and aloe
    Contains DHA and Erythrulose
    Not tested on animals
    Fragrance: Candy Crush
    Even if you're not normally prone to vanity, you may feel tempted to stare at your own reflection a bit longer than usual when you use the Designer Skin CONCEITED 10X Bronzer. This formula is designed to give you the most flawless tan imaginable while hiding away imperfections that can detract from the appearance of your skin. Ten times more powerful than ordinary bronzers, the lotion uses QuickSun Technology to amplify the effects of UV energy and is clinically shown to produce noticeable results in just one minute. After tanning ends, the DS ProBronze Extend complex with DHA and erythrulose refines color over a period of hours and helps you maintain your tanning results for days.

    The Designer Skin CONCEITED 10X Bronzer features Photo Ready Airbrush Technology, which leaves the skin looking smooth and matte to hide away flaws. Opal extracts enhance the radiance of the tissue from head to toe, making you look more youthful and refreshed after your session.
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