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TAN FOR FREE on 10/23!

TAN for FREE on 10/23 just for reading all the great things we have to share with you!


Stop by anytime between 10am and 7pm on 10/23 and tan in any bed (except the HP)  That's it. No tricks or purchase necessary.  (ok, it happens to be our 11th annual BUY-1-GET-1-FREE sale but no pressure)



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Latest projects

BTBC October 2014


You may have already noticed all the great changes in and out! These wonderful things are all thanks to Erin, our new Manager. Erin has done a fantastic job with the salon since she returned to take over the reins in September. Erin is truly the right person to fill big shoes after Samantha's departure. 100% focused on what we can do better to please our wonderful clients. Not only has she painted the building and redecorated the lobby... we have all kinds of great products, specials and even new packages in the works.


Come by on 10/23 to TAN FOR FREE, visit with Erin and see all the wonderful improvements our Manager has accomplished in such a short time!  We are lucky to have such a great leader.  Her ears are open for any new suggestions or you may put them in our suggestion box (more on that below).

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More special treatment for Members!

BTBC October 2014


Sign up for a monthly auto-draft package and allow us to pour you a complimentary glass of WINE while you retrieve your preferred lotion from your complimentary LOTION LOCKER.  We want you to feel how much we appreciate you! Now you can sip on a complimentary glass of wine knowing that your favorite lotion has been protected. You'll never have to worry that you ruined your lotion by leaving it in the car.


*All that is required for future and current members is a $5 locker key deposit.  Lockers are available while supplies last, 1st come 1st serve! 

Suggestions!  Suggestions! 

BTBC October 2014


We want to sincerely thank everyone for using our suggestion box and would like to share some wonderful, and some unusual  ideas and responses with you!


#1 Staff Favorite Suggestion:  "Give the girls a raise!"  

Response:    You are right!  They are awesome!  You can help them earn their next merit raise by taking their great tanning advice on beds and lotion and leaving them a great tip.  We love making new friends but you are here to tan!... so challenge them and be amazed at what they can do for your tan. Yes, they do earn COMMISSION (hint,hint) but its their knowledge and customer service that makes them amazing tanning consultants. Plus, that wonderful tip jar on the front desk gets counted and MATCHED as an additional bonus! 


Suggestion: "Papertowels in the rooms"   

Response:  We have been a Green salon for years. If you need extra hand towels in your room or in the bathroom please ask.


Suggestion: "A light in the bed to know when my time is done"

Response: A great idea... but you can be sure your tanning session is over when the tanning lamps turn off. (no, not kidding)







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